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A Borrowed Gift

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A Borrowed Gift, my first album as an independent artist, is coming soon!

Available on CD and by digital download.

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My story so far

2020, it was lockdown, I was 11, I couldn't visit my family in Northern Ireland, so my Mum posted singing videos on YouTube instead. Then one day .... a record label got in touch, that was a nice surprise! I did an album!! 'Hear My Voice' was released on Decca Records in December 2020.
When they didn't want to do another one, I didn't want to give up, so I released more songs as an independent artist instead.   

2023 With lots more songs to come this year, this might just be the best year yet. THANK YOU to everyone for supporting me, I couldn't do it without you.

2022 wasn't exactly dull though! I auditioned for 'Britain's Got Talent' at The London Palladium, nearly made it the semi-final, I was a reserve, never mind! The best was yet to come. With thanks to The Salvation Army, I performed at their carol concert, live at London's iconic Royal Albert Hall.  

2021 was busy too. Lockdown was over, it was good - bye to Decca but I really loved recording songs. Sooooooooo...... with lots of help from my Mum and Dad, I went back to the studio, as an independent artist this time and it was brilliant. We recorded 'EMPTY CHAIRS at EMPTY TABLES' from the musical 'Les Miserables' this went viral and now has over 7 million views, I wasn't expecting that! We recorded a few more songs too and I got to the final of 'BBC Young Chorister of the Year'

And last but by no means least, SHOUT OUT to my Mum and Dad, pianist and producer, Dominic Ferris and producer and sound / mix engineer Simon Hanhart, they believed in me and gave me the confidence to record & release songs without the backing of a record label. 



My music videos

Here's a few of my videos, head on over to my YouTube channel, there are lots more there too.

In a way it's a little bit sad that 2023 will see me say goodbye to my very special treble voice but I'm excited about my changing voice too and I definitely see it as a new beginning and not the end. I'm sure there will be a few wobbles and cracks along the way but I'll do my best, I'll keep calm and I'll carry on.


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In the studio

My favourite place

In the studio

The mixing desk

It's teamwork

Behind the mic

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